Yeast Free Bread for People with Candida

If you or a family member suffers from the effects of yeast – such as allergies, Candida, diarrhea and other medical conditions, one of the recommendations is to remove yeast from your diet.

Most of us are familiar with yeast as the ingredient in bread that helps it rise, but what exactly is yeast?

Yeast is a wide variety fungus that can be found in soil and growing on other living things such as trees. There are bakers’ yeasts that are used to help bread rise, and brewers’ yeasts that are used to brew beer, as well as others.

What is the medical impact of yeast?

There are infectious kinds among the yeast species that can cause rush, Thrush and other irritations to people who consume them. Some people are more sensitive to the impact of yeast and experience more severe reactions.  Rarely, the yeast infection may spread throughout the body. In systemic candidal disease, up to 75% of people may die. Even common mouth and vaginal yeast infections can cause critical illness and can be more resistant to normal treatment.

Where can yeast be found?

Yeast is everywhere. It’s in obvious products like bread, cookies and other baked goods. You can also find it in products that you would not necessarily think of such as beer and wine. It may also be found in vinegar and products containing vinegar such as pickles, mayonnaise, mustard, some salsas and dressings,soy sauce and all fermented products like sauerkraut.

Yeastless Bread

People who are used to eating bread as part of their diet and need to cut out yeast are looking for alternatives. I am among these people. In my search, I found several recipes for making bread at home that use a mix of flour and sugar to mimic the yeast effect. I prefer natural sugar like those founds in fruits and vegetables and try to avoid added sugar to staple as bread, so most of these recipes don’t work for me.


Sprouted Grain Bread


As part of my quest for alternative bread I found Ezekiel bread. It looked promising until I read the list of ingredients, which included fresh yeast. I had to mark it off my list.

Yeast Free Rice Bread

My extensive research led me to companies that cater to the special needs of people with yeast intolerance. Yeast free products made of rice can be found in stores around the country and can help you. Make sure you read the label to see that yeast is not one of the ingredients. Here are two products I found that meet the criteria of being yeast free:Yeast Free, Wheat, & Gluten Free Multi Seed Rice Bread, Wheat & Gluten Free Brown Rice Tortillas, Organic Corn Tortilla These are just two examples of the bread or bread-like products available for people who cannot consume yeast.

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